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“A2 Brutus, A2″

I don't know how many of you are aware of the different types of beta casein their are in milk. All milk has a substance in it called BCM7 (beta-caso-morphiene 7). It is an opiat, an addictive substance.  Milk is made up of 109 proteins and at position 67 there is a difference between A1 [… Read More]

Nine Non-Nourishing Foods to Avoid

Some foods are just a chosen accident waiting to happen to our bodies. GMO's are Ubiquitous…If you are eating out of a box or a can or a package, chances are pretty good you are eating GMO's, and they are worse than the rest of this list!!! 1) Canned foods (evenfrom  the lids for home canning) are [… Read More]

Ag-Gag Bill … “A sguising in disbless”

… OK, OK … "A Blessing in Disguise" With the current "Ag-gag" bill awaiting the Govenors signature here in Idaho and with the defeat of both proposition 37  in California and Proposition 522 in Washington State, you would think Americans would be giving up on the search for humanely raised, non GMO foods. Oh contraire, I [… Read More]

Salt of the earth

Hopefully I have convinced all of you that I have met to stop using that NACL (table salt) and start using a sea salt. .All of those minerals in nature that have leached out of our farm ground and found their way to the ocean; they are vital for our health! In other places on this website [… Read More]